#10: Betrayal, Forgiveness, Healing - Part 1

March 1, 2018

What if I said, that our current understanding and methodology of FORGIVENESS is not the healthiest?  It seems to perpetuate a dysfunctional irresponsibility more often than not, and doesn’t provide the kind of healing that restores the soul?  What if, on closer inspection, that Jesus’ teaching shows us that we have some of it right, but some of it wrong, and if we could correct that portion that we have misunderstood, then we could restore most of our relationships, healing many of our scars, and we could be psychologically, emotionally, and more spiritually healthy?  Journey with us, to find out what forgiveness is not and what the reality of forgiveness looks like...

#9: The Historical Division of Bystander Indifference

February 22, 2018

Bystander Indiffernce.  Our current cultural climate has it's roots in modern history where rhetoric villifies groups and individuals as subhuman, and once we arrive at this point, history shows us the consequences to our social fabric is disasterous.  This week, two events, the school shooting that killed 17 innocent students in Parkland, FL and the death of Billy Graham, have an unusual connection of response.  Find out what this unusual connection is and why knowing our modern history from the Holocaust can help us create unity and not division when sudden events happen.

#8: The Symbol of the Cross & The Religious Imagination

February 19, 2018

The symbol of the Cross is fixated in the imagination of western culture, but its orgins are not what we think they are.  What if I told you...

  • The Cross was not the symbol of Christianity for the first 300 years after Christ…
  • The Cross as a literal symbol was non-existent those 300 years… not in artwork, not in mosaics, not in places of worship, not anywhere…
  • That a majority of Jews worldwide, see the Cross as a symbol of anti-semitic hatred...
  • The Cross as a symbol of Christianity was popularized by the Roman Emperor Constantine with his vision on the Milvian Bridge…

Have I whetted your appetite yet?  Did I get your curious quotient up?  Are you ready to learn some amazing facts of history that shed light on a symbol we thought we knew?  Let’s see some of the stuff we missed in church history regarding the symbol of the cross.

#7: Is The Rapture Real? Part 2 Lens of Scripture

February 13, 2018

Part 2 "Is The Rapture Real?"  Building upon the first episode that focussed on the etymology of the Rapture teaching in church history, we now turn our attention to diving deeper into the context of Scripture.  We specifically look at two scriptures that have become primary support of the Rapture: Matthew 24 and 1 Thess.4.  You will find, that once the multiple layered context is widened, the outcome is much different than previously thought. 

#6: What was the Inquisition? Part 3 The Roman Inquistion

February 7, 2018

Did you know that the condemnation of Galileo as a heretic was in the period of the Roman Inquisition?  Like any of our episodes that cover a large period of church history that last over 300 years, we must narrow our scope in order to digest some of the key elements of the Roman Inquisition.  This episode will address three questions:

  1. What is the Roman Inquisition?  
  2. What were its primary objectives?
  3. And how does the Spirit of the Roman Inquisition impact our culture, behavior, and ethos of the church at large today?     

#5: Is The Rapture Real? Part 1 – Lens of Church History

February 1, 2018

If you asked anyone in history prior to the 1820's, "Do you know what the doctrine of the Rapture is?" You would have heard crickets in their response.  No one in church history had espoused a view of what is now known as the Rapture, or at least anyone with any theological weight behind them.  So, where did it begin?  How did it develop as a teaching? Who influenced and popularized the idea? And how did the teaching effect the church at large?  Please listen to the entire episode before you make any judgements... 

#4: What is the Inquisition? Part 2 The Spanish Inquisition

January 27, 2018

So, now let's look at a short primer on the Spanish Inquisition and some of the bigger highlights by asking three key questions:

  1. What made the Spanish Inquisition different from the Medieval Inquisition?
  2. What were the forms of torture?
  3. Who were the primary targets of the Spanish Inquisition?

Several years ago, I stood on a high bluff with a missionary friend of mine over a city in Spain.  The mountains of the Pyrenees were the backdrop that framed the beauty of this city of 150,000.  He then said something fairly shocking, “It’s amazing that a part from the Catholic Cathedral in the town square, which is a historical site and not necessarily a working church, apart from the 8 older ladies who attend mass once a week, there isn’t one other church in the entire city.”  As an American, where sometimes there is a church on every corner, I was in shock at his statement...

#3: The Devil Made Me Do It! Sorting out the confusion of temptation, sin, and Satan in our world

January 22, 2018

There is a lot of confusion in the body of Christ regarding the role of Satan, sin, and temptation.  Does God tempt us?  Is Satan the driving force behind all the mayhem in our lives? How are we tempted?  Was Jesus implying that Peter was devil possessed when he said, "Get behind me Satan!" ???  Find out these answers and more in this podcast episode, "The Devil Made Me Do It!" 

#2: What is the Inquisition? Part 1 The Medieval Inquisition

January 18, 2018

What do you think of when you hear the word “Inquisition?”  In many respects it has become a dirty word.  But say what you will about the Inquisition, no matter who you are, everyone knows its name. At least enough to throw the term around casually, to summon it as a metaphor in our culture, to exploit it in movies, the news, and to use it as a weapon in heated verbal debates. But what is the Inquisition? How did it start? What are its implications for us today? With a heart of curiosity, let's find out in the first of our three episodes, "What is the Inquisition? Part 1 The Medieval Inquisition." 

#1: What Did Jesus Write In The Sand? John 8 - The woman caught in adultery

January 17, 2018

Haven't you always wondered... What was Jesus was writing in the sand when they brought to him the adulterous woman? Though none of us were actually at this event 2,000 yrs ago. One thing is for certain, the Pharisees and Scribes who brought this woman accused of adultery understood very clearly what he was writing. It is my goal, that by the time we get to the end of this episode, we will have uncovered some key facts, details, and context that will help us understand the most plausible explanation of what Jesus was writing in the sand that day. So, with a heart of curiosity, let’s get started…