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#4: What is the Inquisition? Part 2 The Spanish Inquisition

January 27, 2018

So, now let's look at a short primer on the Spanish Inquisition and some of the bigger highlights by asking three key questions:

  1. What made the Spanish Inquisition different from the Medieval Inquisition?
  2. What were the forms of torture?
  3. Who were the primary targets of the Spanish Inquisition?

Several years ago, I stood on a high bluff with a missionary friend of mine over a city in Spain.  The mountains of the Pyrenees were the backdrop that framed the beauty of this city of 150,000.  He then said something fairly shocking, “It’s amazing that a part from the Catholic Cathedral in the town square, which is a historical site and not necessarily a working church, apart from the 8 older ladies who attend mass once a week, there isn’t one other church in the entire city.”  As an American, where sometimes there is a church on every corner, I was in shock at his statement...