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#12: The First Heresy - How Marcion’s Ideas Continue to Influence the Church Today

March 22, 2018

You may have heard, "We are not under the Law, we are under Grace" or "The Old Testament is a bunch of rules of do's and dont's, while the New Testament is about God's Grace."  These phrases are now part of the popular venacular in many church circles today, but what if I told you that these were rejected by the early Church?  In fact a man named Marcion, who first championed many of these ideas, was rejected and excommunicated by the early church fathers for this kind of thinking.  Though Marcion's teachings were considered the first great heresy and were rejected, how did these ideas continue to live and also grow in their influence on the church today?  Come find out in our podcast "Stuff We Missed in Church History!"

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