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#26 - The Canards of Antisemitism & The Church

November 1, 2018

If you are like me, maybe you have always been confused and puzzled at why so many target the Jews with hate filled rhetoric, killings, and overall blame for many of society's ills.  Questions that have puzzled me for years have been questions like,

“What drives this illogical behavior?”

“Why has the historic church led many of these canards throughout history?”

“What is the etymology that drives this theological slant?”  

Then after I began my study, I was awakened to the horrific shooting this past Saturday in Pittsburgh that distills the current reality of anti-semitism that sadly is becoming a common occurrence. 

Once again it raises questions of why the Jews?  What drives many anti-semitic rants? And what drives someone to the extreme violence of a synagogue massacre of innocent people worshipping in a synagogue?   This is no longer a medieval mindset. This is no longer a Germanic fueled frenzy from the Nazi’s. We have to recognize that what drives this undercurrent of extreme anti-semitic thinking in Western Civilization and more specifically the fuel of anti-semitism in the Christian history of Western Civilization.  So, I will attempt to provide a look at some of the Canards, the hoaxes, or fake information that has led to the core of many antisemitic behaviors of the past and I hope may shed some light on some of these current realities…

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