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#23:The 3rd Commandment-What does it really mean?

September 21, 2018

Our last podcast we explored the connections between the recent religious scandals of the Catholic Church and the Megachurch in Chicago “WillowCreek Community Church.”  And it garnered quite a response. Like others it seems like the question that begs is this question, “Why is religious betrayal, the worst of all betrayals?” Why is religious betrayal seemingly the most difficult to overcome? What is it about religious evil that is most insidious?

We all may have a variety of opinions on the why, and I’m sure that most of our heartfelt rants are true, but to help us provide a plumb line, a level, a construct that we can all work in, I want to take us back to a familiar but often misunderstood passage of scripture in Exodus 20 and do a deeper analysis of the 3rd Commandment "Do not take the Lord's name in vain."  This background and anaylsis will help us unlock the answer to this most difficult question, “Why is religious betrayal the worst of all betrayals?”

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