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#21: Born Again, What did this mean in its original context?

August 14, 2018

Born Again!  This well known phrase comes arguably from the most famous passage in the New Testament scriptures in John 3.  The dialogue is between two Jewish Rabbi's and teachers of the law, Nicodemus and Jesus.  In Nicodemus' late night private meeting, he comes with a curious mind to know if he is the Messiah, the one he has been looking for all his life?  Jesus responds with what looks like at first an enigmatic phrase to Nicodemus, but what is shocking once we see the original Judaic context, is this phrase was extremely familiar to Nicodemus.  So, the focus of this episode #21 is, "What did this phrase mean in its original context and why did this throw Nicodemus off his spiritual game?"  You will find the original context quite enlightening!  Enjoy! 

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